A good journey is necessarily

to the edge of known territory –

Familiar Feelings saying: ‘Go No Further’,

but feats compel me ‘Walk on Water’


On Water, it’s regular to see my Water Borne sister…

… She’s come ‘cross territory, too

“I have these mirrors – I think one’s for you!

If you don’t take it from me I’ll  smash it in the fire under the teepee!”


She’s never trusted mirrors completely – Oh, she’s looked into them plenty –

they just never seem to say everything.


A well polished mirror gives accurate reflection,

and the extra keen can read wherein they’ve been.

I mean,



? Have you seen the faces of folks riddled with habitual regret?



This man’s hands got made leathern in the Will of his Work –

His unavoidable and obvious trademark

evaluating every other hand by their standard:

“This Is The Grip”



Where he’s been and where he art, reflect perfect in them.

What’s a man like that gonna do with high polished perception?

Her mirror can’t tell him coming Season- even that there are Season.





that’s ok, neither can we.



(on the other hand)

Can read the signs blind,



‘Give me your Ascending,

your Descending,

the House of your Rising…

Quote me your element?

Your animal Totem is relevant, too.’


And I do,

and it’s all true.


She 2 hand holds several smoky mirrors up in front of a man peering habitually through inverted black prisms :


“Let’s try limits on unlimited systems!” :



See how fast your sun sign comes around when she pulls prophetic cards in the shade


Crossed Patterns get sacrificed ten ways

in circles and at challenging angles, like this:



fuels the Fire

which begat Earth

which begat Metal

which begat Water

which begat Wood


Now Water

douses Fire

which melts Metal

which cuts Wood

which uproots Earth

which muddies Water



Observe some track of land and understand it to be true

See it for what it is, what it could be.


She’s remapped the territory and lays it out on top of me

She’s moving across that water again and re-reminding me 

that we


Are One Water


and Water into water



How are you this morning?

What about now?