A Reminder

for when you neglect to bless a man
over the phone
or in the presence of others.
In the presence of other men
or in the presence of women
When you neglect to bless a man in sight of his children
Neglect to bless a man at lunch hour
Neglect to bless a man in broad daylight
to bless a man outside the man-cave
bless a man sober

Remember some men who turned that corner,
either earlier in life or on their own time
as a result of being blessed or by virtue of having not been blessed.
Because the family way was to bless one another
Because they tried the alternative and got nowhere
Because they read blessing in the poems of another man,
admired that
and felt blessed.

Make a mental note to bless them as you see them.
If you are unlikely to see them
send a message, and bless them.
I don’t know these men but I promise you they need that blessing,
and you need to Bless

To Bless a man in broad daylight.
To Bless a man with his family.
Bless a man at work.
Bless men in sight of their children and the children are also blessed
and take on the habit of blessing.
Bless a man outside his cave.
Bless a man sober – Not only to bless a man sober, but to be ready
and able
to bless a man sober.

Bless a man with your words and a straight face.
Bless him unambiguously.
Because he needs blessing,
and we need to Bless.