Truth be told I knew this in winter
on a snowshoe trail in Skir Dhu the woman who can name every apple tree on the mountain pushed pieces of puzzle (a picture of our planet), by a large glass double-pane under the ceiling of months more snow to melt.
she told me about your structure
and the heat
and water

the endless dreams you have for us, if only we’ll have you.

you have something we lack
great gorgeous dreams set back in growth
a large open concept style room with 3 solid wood timber walls and high glass roof,
infinitely vaulted and precious and unspeakable

You’re scent – watering the woods and burning branches,
Pining by the ocean for us and
coaxing us to come,
if only we’ll have you

And if it’s not for us we’ll know by first ceremony
~Hot and dry is always Church for the Cold and damp~

I can worship the bodily memory of smoking my complex mothers ice cold cigarettes
in an abandoned cathedral with 3 red sandstone walls and high glass ceiling – My First Crush
a structure I’m at home in now
where it’s possible to see unobstructed through entry, past personal spaces, to wholly absent West wall laid down for a view of endless horizon and an always good-morning

It either evokes a gift or it doesn’t!
It’s got no power over you and you’re no bruja
There is no magic, only the less glamorous truth of daily life lived out.
so if you’re lucky and you’ve found love, do us a favor and let that island have you