I have a friend who sees too much
and because he sees too much, he feels too much.
And because he feels too much he thinks too much
and when he thinks too much he thinks he’ll never be enough

He lives ~at The Edge~
That place with all the action – the Interface.
Interesting place if you can manage the tension;
Interesting place for transactions

I’ve seen the bulk of his energy go to dull that Edge
Filling a hole he’s never seen and doesn’t understand

A servant with no Master
unskilled teenage Lover
his vicious Dog with absent owner

He’s better than the rest of us at being alone but when I ask him why
he says he doesn’t know

all he knows is the terrible Truth of ~The Edge~

It’s easy enough for me to see,
but he’s not sure what to do with his good news
Always wondering at his steps in the dark
surprised at the good fortune of Earth coming up to meet them

In moments, he’s painfully aware that he has SOMEthing to do with the rest of humanity

So we do our duty –
We ask him, gently…

“Come Back often. and show us what you’ve learned”